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Iron Filters

Nothing separates water treatment professionals more than the techniques used to help with iron removal. Most suppliers use the old method of an iron filter for iron, an acid neutralizer for acid, and a water softener/conditioner for hardness. While this method works, it adds considerable initial cost as well as increased service fees. Other dealers will use air injectors, ozone, chlorine, sand, greensand, birm, carbon, or a series of mechanical filters as well as softeners and acid neutralizers to correct an iron problem. The equipment we use depends on your water test results. After we get the results, we will recommend a system that will correct your problem and one that you will be satisfied with.

If you need an iron filter for your well water system in the Minnetonka, Mound, Wayzata, Plymouth, Delano, Medina, Long Lake, Orono, Excelsior, Deep Haven, or the surrounding metro areas, contact Tonka Water Conditioning today! We can offer the best solution for your home or business. To schedule an assessment or to receive a quote on our services, please give us a call at 952-200-6379.